Vietnam is one of the beautiful places that most tourists love to visit and explore. The country exudes sense of timelessness making it more attractive and interesting. The place is very rich in cultural heritage, historical heritage and natural wonders. There are so many diverse places that will sure feed your excitement. If you are in Vietnam, you have to make sure to visit Ho Chi Minh. This is among the interesting places offering plenty of activities and attractions that adventurers will sure enjoy. The city is alive with cultural attractions and experiences to thrill and crave every visitor for more.


To make sure that your food tour ho chi minh is spent right, here are some activities you should begin with.


- Choose soup for breakfast. As mentioned, there are so many activities you can do in the place, so you have to ensure you eat right breakfast to have enough energy to spend. Since you are in Vietnam, you sure want to try how they enjoy their breakfast with soup. Pho and other noodle soups are well prepared which includes meat and vegetables fully satisfying you. You can also check other alternatives that will allow you to start your morning beautifully.


- Spend time with the city's architecture. The place has French colonial building, modern skyscrapers and old tube houses. These are located near each other so just a short walk will do in order for you to enjoy viewing them. It is recommended to walk along Dong Khoi Street. This is where Saigon river and Notre Dame cathedral can be viewed and appreciated. Another good view is from the Nyugen Hue Street and Le Loi Street. You can also visit their historical post office which is the city's best colonial architecture. For more facts about Vietnam, check out this website at


- Check the backpacker's area. Ho Chi Minh can be enjoyed without having to spend a huge amount of money. For this reason, this is very attractive to the backpackers. As a matter of fact, the city is considered to be the backpacker's area which makes it more attractive to others. For budget accommodations, you can visit the Pham ngu Lao and Bui vien streets. There are also several watering holes and great restaurants you can see in the place. During the night, the place becomes more colorful with hundreds of people roaming around.



For ho chi minh tours, Vietnam is a very beautiful place to visit. It doesn't matter whether or not you have a limited budget because the place has almost everything you need to make your travel and adventure exciting and affordable.